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BURZUM – Reh./Demo II 91 (Pro Tape Black Edition)


Label: Thou Shalt Suffer Records
Release Date: August 2021
Label-No.: TSS-002-MC

BURZUM – Reh Demo 91 (Demo II) – Pro Tape Black Version Limited to 150 Copies only!

Sold out!


Label: Thou Shalt Suffer Records
Release Date: August 2021
Label-No.: TSS-002-MC

in Cooperation with DEATH SHALL RISE REC. presents the notorious Reh./Demo II 91 Tape by legendary
BM Pioneer BURZUM from 1991.
For the first time ever we present You this Pro-Tape in a Darker-than-Black Layout, which better fits to the style of BURZUM we think…
than the old white Version.
Of course we preserved all the original Cover Artwork from the 91 Version.

The Tape contains all 12 Tracks from the Original Demotape in a decent sound quality including the mysterious second Track called
“Depressive Visions of the cursed Warrior”, which – according to Varg Vikernes – is not a BURZUM track.
We mastered the Sound again a bit and it now got a much better, more massive sound quality than the original Demotape.
Of course we kept the original primitive raw Style at the same time, but some small adjustments had to be done.

Part #2 of the exclusive NORWEGIAN KVLT COLLECTION by TSS – Strictly Limited to 150 Copies.

The Maximum quantity of Tapes per custumor is: 3 Tapes!

This is a pre-order! Item will be available and shipped in August 2021 (approximately in the mid of August).

Please be patient as we do not have a fixed date due to the ongoing Covid19 insanity in the pressing plants.
And please don’t ask the same questions again and again like “Can You ship it now ?” – if You read the descriptions here, You know the approximate dates when our stuff will be shipped – and we also got other things to do than to answer the same questions again and again 😉 Thank You!

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